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Peter works in the UK and overseas, sometimes visiting 'less pleasant' places.
Wherever he is, he needs easy and secure access to client and company information, to his travel arrangements and to personal information.

myTsafe is the answer - it's where he keeps all vital information instead of on paper, on his laptop, mobile phone or just in his head!

Once on a business trip his briefcase was stolen containing key papers. His trip went badly and of course he had no idea who was now reading all this information, some of which was highly confidential.
myTsafe now protects him from disaster and loss of reputation - his and his company's.

It even comes into use when he works from home. With myTsafe he doesn't have physically to carry information home or use insecure email to 'send' it to himself.

When travelling, Peter uses myTsafe sharing, so colleagues and his family know his movements and have access to key information. He feels secure and free to get on with his work as sharing medical information with collegues means they can look up vital data about him and help him in an emergency.

Peter is inseparable from his iPhone, a vital personal and business tool.
He is sure of access to his myTsafe account by using the free Google Chrome browser app.

Every trip he takes - even if only just down the road - myTsafe gives Peter the security that he needs and wants.




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